Delonghi Eletta ECAM. 6 models in one review

Models on review: Delonghi ECAM 45.764/45.760/44.664/44.660/44.624/44.620

I decided not to write a separate review for each of the listed models, as they are actually the modifications of the one electric coffee machine Delonghi Eletta ECAM and they mostly differ by their “hitch”- a cappuccinator, Control Panel and a design itself.

I would like to say that the models whose articles differ only in the numeral in the end, 0 or 4, are generally 100% identical. Just in 2015, the company made a replacement, updating the articles, from 0 to 4. Besides (in addition to) the ordinal number, nothing has changed. At the time of the description, the Eletta line is available in three versions:

  • Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino TOP ECAM 45.764.W и ECAM 45.760.W – “top” representative. Most elegant one, with metal body parts, with two cappuccinos, automatic and the manual one. With the widest set of pre-established milk recipes. With an active heating of the cups.
  • Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM 44.664.B и ECAM 44.660.B – “intermediate” version with one automatic cappuccino in the form of a complete jug.
  • Delonghi Eletta Plus ECAM 44.624.S и ECAM 44.620.S – is for the fans of independent “creativity” with a hend-held cappuccino.

Firstly I will tell about the general features of the line, which are common to all these coffee machines:

Delonghi Eletta line is based on the ECAM platform as well as the other ECAM-models, it has some average dimensions among the brand of household coffee machines, has an elegant look, is equipped with fairly large tanks for water (2 liters) and a coffee cake (14 servings).

But there is a feature that goes beyond the platform- a grain hopper. It is almost doubled here, up to 400 grams!

It allows to say that the model can service a more active flow of consumers than other brand coffee machines. Hint on office use, yes.

A removable, compact pre-wetted CRF brewing unit, a 15 bar pump, a 1450 W thermal block and a 13-grade steel grinder, are well known to all other company’s devices. Regardless of the control panel of the coffee machines being discussed, it is possible to adjust the temperature, the strength of the coffee, and program the volume of drinks.

There is a function of lowering the pressure in the brewing chamber for amateurs of “American”.

Another trump in the sleeve of all Delonghi Eletta ECAM – is a dedicated LONG button. There is a a whole technology of lowering the pressure in the brewing device for slow extraction of coffee behind it. This is required for a more correct “American” preparation. It is prepared longer and at a low pressure.

Here we have to clarify why this function deserves such attention. The majority of coffee machines on the market-namely espresso- are automatic machines. They are intended for making exactly espresso and other drinks on its basis. In order to get Americano for any espresso – coffee maker or coffee machine is made simply- they add hot water from the steam cock or from the kettle in a single or double portion of espresso.

But the real Americano is cooked on a drip coffee maker. The LONG button corresponding technology simulates the brewing process in this technique. It turns out plausible, yes. By the way, the amount of a portion for this “Americano” is programmed, from the plant goes to 200 ml.

And now I will dwell in more detail on the differences between coffee machines:

Delonghi ECAM 45.764.W and ECAM 45.760.W Eletta Cappuccino TOP

Premium machines for lovers of milk and coffee delicacies!

Delonghi ECAM 45.760.W
DeLonghi ECAM 45.760.W

This model, surely, is the top in the line not for nothing, even in the title there is a hint of it. Its white body itself looks stylish and expensive, and with regard to steel elements and generally swinging at the “premium-class”. It can be subjective, but I think that such a modification works quieter than the others. Not without reason, I believe that metal elements add some noise insulation. And the work of the coffee grinder, and the pump is heard less.

De Longhi ECAM 45.764.W Eletta Cappuccino TOP is equipped with the LatteCrema branded autocapture machine which has a knob-regulator of the height of the foam cap. You can make it higher (for cappuccino), lower (for latter) or you can choose a mode of heating milk without foaming (just for coffee with milk or for hot milk). This very knob-regulator is responsible for the rapid cleaning of the milk duct after every use. The machine itself will tell you when you have to turn the regulator to this position. The pitcher LatteCrrema whips fine, dense foam, and keeps sugar for a long time.

The control panel with steel keys is not only pleasant to touch, but also can boast by the variety of buttons for direct preparation of different milk and coffee drinks. In one push Cappuccino, Latte, Latter macchiato can be prepared. Besides it there is an additional button Milk Menu, which gives an access to another 4 recipes: Flat white (canonically: espresso milk 1:2, a little bit of foam), Espresso macchiato (espresso with a little bit of foam), hot milk, My Milk (your own recipe of coffee with milk).

And although there is a separate item called My Milk, which involves programming either ratio of coffee and milk, either recipe of coffee and milk drinks can be customized. It turns out that you have 6 items for programming the proportions of coffee and milk (not just whipped milk). It is especially comfortable when the machine is surrounded by the lovers of coffee and milk delicacies and all have different tastes.

What else stands out DeLonghi ECAM 45.764.W Eletta Cappuccino TOP – presence at the top not a passive, but an active heating of the cups, which heats much better. Another bonus – is and additional cappuccino for hand-beating milk.

And maybe you ask, why do we need it if we have a powerful automatic cappuccino?

If you suddenly will want to experiment but whipping the foam manually can be done in various ways. Beside it you will be able to practice in latter-art, in the art of creating a picture on the surface of the coffee. Plus you can cook a delicious hot chocolate: for this you have to pour chocolate into the cold milk and mix it with cappuccino. It is not recommended to dump the powder into the pitcher.

Delonghi ECAM 44.664.B и ECAM 44.660.B Eletta Cappuccino

Automatic cappuccino without “extra” frills!

DeLonghi ECAM 44.660.B
DeLonghi ECAM 44.660.B

The modification of De’Longhi ECAM 44.664.B Eletta Cappuccino costs cheaper that is logical. The metal elements of the design of the case, the active heating of the cups, an additional manual cappuccinator were “thrown out” from it and also the control panel was simplified.

Firstly, all the keys became sensory. Some people like it, but I don’t as they objectively live less. Secondly from all individual buttons for the direct preparation of milk and coffee drinks there is only one now- Cappuccino. The rest of the recipes, namely Latte, Latte macchiato, Flat white and hot milk are hidden behind the Milk Menu. There is no more an individual button for the program My Milk, but I would like to remind you that you can customize any recipes for yourself. Simply, there are less of them.

Delonghi ECAM 44.624.S и ECAM 44.620.S Eletta Plus

When Espresso and Americano is going to be the main thing, you can also make cappuccino by hand on your own!

Delonghi ECAM 44.624.S
De’Longhi ECAM 44.624.S
These coffee machines are not available for purchase at the moment. We offer an analogue -  Delonghi ECAM23260S

Such a modification is an identical one to the previous one only with one difference that De’Longhi ECAM 44.624.S Eletta Plus has a manual jug-cappuccinator instead automatic one which is in the form of a panarello nozzle. But it is pretty advanced here. The nozzle is equipped with an additional ring-regulator, which changes the formation of the foam. In addition to the standard function of whipping milk, you can choose its heating without foam.

This may be relevant for fans of simple coffee with milk, not cappuccino. Or hot milk with honey or cacao. In accordance to the functions of the cappuccino, the “extra” buttons disappeared from the touch control panel. Plus, by tradition, the manufacturer differentiated all models in different colors.

What can we say on the whole?

At the conclusion of the DeLonghi Eletta line review I can say that they should be noted, if:

  • If you are interested in a special function for Americano and the representatives of the ETAM platform (for example, ETAM 29.620 or 29.510) are confused by the small tanks and the water tank that comes from behind.
  • If you are interested in more “productive” devices as there is a water tank for 2 liters, and a grain hopper for 400 grams.
  • If you want to buy an expensive looking, stylish coffee machine but you don’t have enough money for buying ECAM 28.465. Although, according to my observations, the last different actions and sales are held more often than on the “Eletta”.

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