DeLonghi ESAM 3500/4500 – milk machine on a reliable “chassis”. Overview

Coffee makers DeLonghi ESAM 3500 S Magnifica Automatic Cappuccino and Delonghi ESAM 4500 S Magnifica Pronto Cappuccino –
representatives of the ESAM line with automatic cappuccinators in the form of complete jugs.

The appearance of the machines is quite simple. The ESAM platform is the most dimensioned among household coffee machines of the brand. All “Essamks” are rather large devices and require a decent place on the table. These models are no exception.

Delonghi ESAM series is known for its excellent reliability, its mechanical part is more durable than, for example, ECAM, and serves for years. Especially if timely carry out maintenance, flush and lubricate the nodes. Of the ruler models, mostly out of ears are simple and inexpensive automatic cappuccinators, such as the Delonghi Magnifica ESAM 3000B. I consider them – the best models in terms of price / quality ratio. Here we have a dairy machine with a complete jug, a competitor of a popular coffee machine from another series – ECAM 22.360.

DeLonghi ESAM 3500 and 4500 review
Almost identical coffee machines
These coffee machines are not available for purchase at the moment. We offer an analogue - DELONGHI ESAM3300

Differences of automatic cappuccinators models Delonghi ESAM 4500 and 3500. Comparison of them with cappuccinatory jug from the ECAM line

Apart from the nuances of appearance, the DeLonghi ESAM 4500 Magnifica Pronto Cappuccino coffee machine differs from the younger model (Delonghi ESAM 3500) by just one important thing – a cappuccinator, that is, a milk jug.

  1. Pitchers differ in capacity: at 3500 0.75 liters, the eldest – 0.9 liters.
  2. Delonghi ESAM 4500 has a foam regulator. You can choose more (for cappuccino) or less (for latte) foam you want. Lever works well. In the minimum value, the foam is practically not formed at all, the device simply heats the milk. This can be useful for baby food or lovers of hot milk with honey, cocoa.

Thus, the DeLonghi ESAM 4500 S Magnifica Pronto Cappuccino automatic cappuccinator is more advanced. Its foam regulator in its algorithm and results corresponds to the LatteCrema system, which is used in the ECAM line. This is exactly the same as ECAM 22.360. But if we are talking about LatteCrema, I will explain why I like the ECAM-jug more:

  1. Clean mode. This quick cleaning is necessary after each preparation of coffee and milk drinks. The machine itself will warn about this and, on command, will obdat the milk tract with steam. The activation of the Clean mode is performed by ESAM by pressing and clamping for the whole procedure (7-10 seconds) of a separate key. And at the LatteCrema pitcher, you can simply switch the regulator to Clean mode, wait and return it.
  2. At LatteCrema, the height of the milk supply spout is regulated. Here you can only change its slope. This is not God knows what an opportunity, but other things being equal, why not?

But then DeLonghi ESAM 4500 / 3500 pitchers have more capacity! LatteCrema, as a rule, everything in the region of 500 ml.

DeLonghi ESAM 4500 S Magnifica Pronto Cappuccino
Delonghi ESAM 4500 S Magnifica Pronto Cappuccino
These coffee machines are not available for purchase at the moment. We offer an analogue - DELONGHI ESAM3300

Immediately three keys for making coffee programmed volume:

The Delonghi Magnifica Automatic Cappuccino ESAM 3500 S, exactly like the ESAM 4500 S, has three buttons on the control panel to brew coffee of various sizes with one click. From the factory, the keys are programmed to the following indicators:

  • Small cup – espresso 40 ml
  • Medium cup – lungo 80 ml
  • Large cup – type American 120 ml

Each button can be reprogrammed to your “favorite” volume, be it a ristretto or a 200 ml glass. Setting – a classic: hold down for a few seconds – the machine starts serving coffee – by pressing again we stop at the right moment. By the way, in the same way you can save the volume for cappuccino.

Display and control panel coffee machines DeLonghi ESAM 3500
These coffee machines are not available for purchase at the moment. We offer an analogue - DELONGHI ESAM3300

DeLonghi ESAM 3500 S Magnifica Automatic Cappuccino, like the DeLonghi ESAM 4500 model, and all the other coffee machines of the company, is equipped with a compact CRF brewing unit, which can be easily removed for service directly from the front of the device. I recommend washing the brewing unit at least once every 2-3 weeks under running tap water, and lubricating it with food grade silicone grease every six months, the edge once a year, this is when boiling a pair of cups a day.

The cooking group is armed with the function of pre-wetting, its guides and gearbox are tested by many years of testing and have proven to be extremely reliable.

In addition, there is a classic pump at 15 bar, a steel millstone grinder with 13 degrees of grinding and typical for the class of home coffee machines silos for grains (200 g), water (1.8 l), waste (14 portions). By the way, as with all representatives of the ESAM series, the capacity for coffee cake goes in two steps, you first need to open the front door. Usually (from competitors), this container is simply pulled out along with the drip tray.

What requires special mention is a double thermoblock.

He allowed to separate the water circuits for making coffee and for steam / hot water. But it is known that the heating of water for coffee should be carried out at a lower temperature than for the formation of steam.Thus, switching between dispensing coffee and whisking milk happens almost instantly, without the need for additional heating / cooling of the heat exchanger.

Known nuances:

The first nuance follows literally from the paragraph above. The DeLonghi ESAM3500 and ESAM4500 coffee machines use a double thermoblock, which is good on the one hand, I wrote about it above. On the other hand, this thermoblock with two heaters, and according to statistics, it fails more often than simple, “single-walled” thermoblocks, which are installed on ESAM models with a manual cappuccinator. However, the failure rate is small.

Well, a couple of quibbles for a tick: passive heating of cups at the top almost does not warm, but this is a common thing. And yet, that for a dairy machine, it is more important than for a panarello machine, the maximum height of a cup under the adjustable coffee dispenser is 105 mm. And latte macchiato glasses are usually 13-15 cm on average. If the height of glasses is important, look towards the ECAM line.


Delonghi ESAM 4500 / 3500 – a real workhorse for lovers of coffee and milk drinks. At a similar price, one should choose the eldest, the 4500th, with the foam regulator on the milk jug. If you are confused by the simple design and impressive dimensions of the device, then pay attention to the direct competitor, including the price, ECAM 22.360.

Similar models:

The 3500th model had another modification before – the Delonghi ESAM 3600 Magnifica Pronto Cappucino , which differed exclusively in the design of the control panel – it was black. Now the 3600th is discontinued.

USAM 4500 also has an embedded analogue of Smeg CMSC451. By the way, a huge number, if not the majority of embedded coffee machines on the market, are based on Delonghi ESAM 4500.

In addition, there is a “intermediate” model between the ESAM 3500 and ESAM 4500 under the article Delonghi ESAM 04.350 S. Her design is almost a copy of the 3500th, but the milk jug looks more like that of the 4500th. In the jug there is an adjustment of the height of the milk foam!

In other words, Delonghi Magnifica ESAM 04.350 S is essentially an analogue of ESAM 4500 with the design of ESAM 3500.

PS How to see the portions counter

These models have a portions counter, which is not described in the official instructions. It is intended only for services. But to watch it is quite easy for anyone:

  1. Turn off the machine from the network.
  2. Hold down the “MENU” and “RINSE” keys. “Rinsing” can be either second to the right in the first row (as in the illustration to the right, this is for ESAM 4500), or first to the right in the first row (for ESAM 3500).
  3. Without releasing the buttons, turn on the machine.

The machine will immediately show the number of prepared portions of coffee and the number of spilled liters of water.

By pressing the “Ground coffee” button, you can switch the display mode in a circle: the second screen will show the number of descaling procedures carried out and the number of washes, and the third screen will show the number of prepared dairy drinks. 

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