Jura E6 and E8 Review – Thrifty Swiss Coffee Makers with Color Display

Today I would like to review quite popular coffee makers Jura Impressa E6/E60 and E8/E80. In reality, these are two models: Jura E6 and E8.

I would like to note that the only difference of E60 from E6 is the color of two side plates on the front panel. While E80 differs from E8 in the color of the two side plates and the cappuccinator nozzle (model E80 doesn’t have the adjustment the height of frothed milk).

 Jura E6Jura E8
Water Tank1.9 L1.9 L
Bean Hopper200280
Automatic Milk Frother
One Touch CappuccinoSemi
Programmable Functions5+3/4+24+2
Our Rating

Everything below is related to E6 as well as to Е60 and vice versa. And similarly for Е8 and Е80.

E6 and E8 greatly resemble one another at list from the outside. They have similar mechanisms inside and design. And all differences arise from control electronics and the cappuccinatore type.

Here is the complete list of all differences between Jura E6 and E8:

  • E6 doesn’t work with ground coffee.
  • E8 has more integrated programs: 7 compared to 4.
  • E6 has semiautomatic cappuccinatore and the maximum height of cups is 11 cm. E8 has automatic cappuccinatore and the maximum height of cups is 15 cm respectively.
  • One of the programs of E8 – Flat White – can make “proper” cappuccino in one click. When frothed milk is added to espresso.
  • The Illumination of cups and the sensor of filling up of the tray are not available in E6.

By the way, model E8 (essentially all other sister models as they look alike) has received a prestigious design award “Reddot award 2016” which should attract people who appreciate exquisite things. Based on people’s feedback they do appreciate this.

Jura E series

All these coffee machines use the same components that can be found in other models of this brand:

  • The Integral infusion device with a capacity of up to 16g coffee with a function of prior wetting for a richer aroma.
  • The millstone steel coffee grinder with 6 types of grinding.
  • The pump that has an output pressure of 15 bar. But in these models, the producer applied exclusive technology “Pulse Extraction Process”. It is based on intermittent work of the pump. And judging on the sound of the pump it really works differently. But I absolutely haven’t found any differences in the final product from the other Jura coffee machines. So it looks like a marketing hook.
  • Imposing fuser with the power of 1400 W
  • 1,9 L water tank (excess from the top), 280 grams beans bin, 16 coffee press cake container (excess from the front)
  • The Coffee dispenser for two cups of black coffee (which traditionally coffee maker can make in one grinding).

Calling card of Jura E6/E8 – visual color TFT-display.

The coffee makers are equipped with identical 2.8’’ color display that shows you in details all configurations, work parameters, coffee preparation process, and clues to make coffee.

Jura E6 display
This is not a touch screen. There are 6 buttons around the screen which context dependent on the picture on the screen. You can start making a few drinks in one click by default.

Jura E6/E60: it’s probably one of the simplest coffee machines of the brand.

There is four configurations of coffee drinks in one click “from the screen”.

Jura E60 differs from E6 with a totally black body.

The buttons around the screen can start making four kinds of coffee drinks. These are all coffee drinks which you can prepare with Jura E6 and E60:
1. Espresso
2. Coffee
3. Cappuccino
4. Steamed milk

By double-clicking espresso and coffee buttons, you can start making both drinks simultaneously. It’s clear that you can serve hot water separately (but you will need to change the cappuccinator nozzle on a hot water nozzle).

Each coffee drink can be adjusted through the menu. The next settings are available coffee strength (8 levels), temperature (2 levels) and drinks’ volume. The plug of volume for each coffee drink is its own:

• Espresso: from 15 to 80 ml
• Coffee: from 25 to 240 ml
• Cappuccino: from 3 to 120 sec for steamed milk, from 25 to 240 ml for coffee.
• From 3 to 120 sec for milk
• Up to 450 ml for hot water.

Unusual cappuccinator is semi-automatic without the need to move a cup.

Jura E6 cappuccinatore

The originality of cappuccinatore of Jura E6 is that it looks like an automatic one as frothed milk nozzle situated near the spouts for coffee. As a result, you don’t need to move a cup. It is reasonable to assume that the coffee machine should make cappuccino “in one click”.

In reality, it isn’t true. There is no need to move the cup but you need to start the process of frothing milk separately from the process of making coffee by spinning circular knob, which is located to the right side on the screen on the frontal panel. You don’t only have to turn on but also turn it off. Thus it is a typical semi-automatic cappuccinatore.

The coffee machine doesn’t request and doesn’t make rapid cleaning of milk tract after frothing milk. You need to do it manually. There is such a paragraph in a menu (under chapter “service”).

Jura E8/E80: it is a fully automatic machine with a milk exhaust pipe

It makes three types of black coffee in one click + four dairy-based coffee drinks in two clicks

Buttons around the screen can start 3 drinks:
1. Espresso
2. Coffee
3. Ristretto

By double-clicking black coffee button you can start making two portions of drinks simultaneously. You can also serve hot water by changing cappuccinatore nozzle on hot water nozzle.
A separate chapter opens sub-menu of four more dairy-based drinks:
4. Cappuccino
5. Flat white
6. Latte macchiato
7. Steamed milk

Each coffee drink can be adjusted through the menu. The next settings are available coffee strength (8 levels), temperature (2 levels) and drinks’ volume. The plug of volume for each coffee drink is its own:

  • Ristretto and espresso: from 15 to 80 ml
  • Coffee: from 25 to 240 ml
  • Cappuccino: from 3 to 120 sec for steamed milk, from 25 to 240 ml for coffee
  • Flat white: from 25 to 240 ml for coffee then from 3 to 120 sec for steamed milk
  • Latte macchiato: from 3 to 120 sec for steamed milk, up to 60-sec pause before coffee extraction then from 25 to 240 ml for coffee
  • From 3 to 120 sec for milk
  • Up to 450 ml for hot water.
Jura E8 work zones
There are two working areas: for black coffee – in the middle, for milk-based coffee drinks and water – on the right side

Cappuccino-making process in Jura E8 Impressa happens completely automatically. The right dispenser has two nozzles. One is for coffee and the other is for milk. There is no need to move a cup. The coffee machine switches from serving milk to coffee on its own. When you chose a milk-based coffee drink you don’t need to press/spin anything. The coffee machine steams milk, serves it to the cup and then after the programmed pause adds coffee. By the way, the height of the hub is suitable for tall Latte macchiato glasses (cups up to 15 cm in height).

Moreover, an important feature is the right order of adding ingredients in a Flat white program. The coffee machine starts pouring coffee and then adds steamed milk. Only a few coffee machines on the market can do this.

I want to remind that Jura E80 has simpler cappuccinatore without the adjustment of the height of steamed milk. A switch on the cappuccinatore in Jura E8 allows choosing the height of the steamed milk. The cappuccinatore works excellent. The foam is soft and very stable. In fact, the cappuccinatore in this coffee machine in is the same as in the flagship coffee machine Jura Z9.

Cappuccinatore of Jura E80
Coffee machine’s cappuccinatore of Jura E80 without the adjustment of the height of steamed milk.

The cleaning of milk tract will happen automatically in 10 minutes after preparing the last dairy-based drink.

This is a rare function among fully automated coffee machines. Generally, either coffee machine requests the cleaning by itself after every dairy-based drink or doesn’t request it at all.  In the last case, you need/should do it manually. In this coffee machine, you can configure to request cleaning after 10 minutes or cleaning it automatically.

Similar models

Jura E6 is quite similar to Jura F8. Yes, the later one can work with ground coffee and has a highlight of cups. And also through an advanced menu with Rotary Switch allows setting up 7 drinks to your liking. But all mechanic inside including semiautomatic cappuccinatore is the same. In the case when the price is approximately the same your best choice is of course F8.

Same with Jura E8: in the case when the price is similar it is better to buy a more advanced model Jura F9. But generally the price of the F9 model significantly higher than of the E8.

To summarize

The coffee machine Jura Impressa E6 is one of the simplest models of the brand. It has a small set of drinks, semiautomatic cappuccinatore, a smaller height of the pump.  But at the same time, it has a color display and 8 levels of strength. In my opinion, coffee made by Jura E6 tastes the same as the one made by the more expensive competitors. As a whole, this coffee machine is a good option for its price. In my experience, the coffee machines of Jura are one of the most reliable on the market. And if you take proper care the problem with these coffee machines are rare.

Jura Impressa E8 in compare to E6 offers excellent automatic cappuccinatore and doesn’t have such tight restrictions drinks settings, but the price is much higher. In my opinion coffee machine, Jura E8 is really a good choice. And according to many positive feedbacks it will serve you many years without any big problems. And the taste of the coffee from this coffee machine will not disappoint you!

Strengths and weaknesses:

Jura E6 (E60) Pros and Cons:


➕ The infusion unit has a big volume container up to 16 grams of coffee. It gives you an opportunity to make really strong coffee or make two portions in one grinding.
➕ There are 8 levels of drink strength. It is easy to adjust to your preference.
➕ There is a wide range of black coffee volume: from 15 to 240 ml.
➕ It is possible to increase the strength and the volume of the drink after the grinding process has begun.
➕ There is a large informative color display.


➖ There is a permanent infusion block. But this downside is not critical as cleaning of cappuccinatore is made in one click.
➖ Full coffee beans only. Doesn’t work with ground coffee.
➖ Semiautomatic cappuccinatore with milk exhaust pipe requires additional action to start steaming milk.
➖ It doesn’t heat up cups.

Jura E8 (E80) Pros and Cons:


➕ The Flat White program allows you to make cappuccino by the classic recipe.
➕ The possibility of making two cups of coffee simultaneously.
➕ It has really good quality milk foam (as in all models Jura series E).
➕ there is a relatively low price. Although the Jura E8 isn’t entry-level coffee machine it is one of the cheapest models of Jura.
➕ The absents removable infusion unit. There is no removable infusion unit in all the models of Jura (the clearing of the coffee machine is done in one.


➖ It is noisy. Even though E8 is working quietly enough there is still a notable noise (during coffee grounding).
➖ There is no touch screen. The control of coffee making is done through 6 buttons around the screen.
➖ There are cheaper models on the market with the same features. They may not offer the same quality as Jura but not a picky consumer will not see the difference.

  1. Good afternoon!

    I love coffee very much. I used to think that I drink good coffee for breakfast (price-quality for sure) in one very popular place. But once I tasted coffee from this coffee machine at my friends (from the ordinary beans) I understood that I was wrong. I bought myself Jura E6 and I’m very happy!

    Now I drink cappuccino at home and only at home. And 2 cups at ones. The coffee machine is super! It makes great coffee. Care and service are important (after you made cappuccino you should start cleaning cappuccinatore). The coffee is really very delicious and now I want to start experimenting with coffee beans!

  2. Thank you for your review. I bought the Jura e8 coffee machine and I am happy!

    This coffee machine is of the premium market segment but it absolutely worth the money as there are a lot of options for making coffee. There are individual programs of making coffee and five standard program, six levels of coffee grinding and there is also the possibility to adjust the strength and the temperature of the coffee. In addition, it is able to remember 12 individual programs.
    Before we bought this machine all family members drank the same type of coffee. After we bought this coffee machine we started experimenting and found out that all four of us have different preferences in coffee. We didn’t realize this before. So now each of us makes coffee with his/her own program and everyone is happy 🙂

  3. Hello

    I bought the Jura e6 coffee machine as a replacement for Bosch, which had been working for 10 years. The coffee machine less noisy compared to the one from Bosch. It presses coffee excellent that’s why it comes out rich and delicious and coffee press cakes go straight to a special container in a shape of almost dry tablets. High-quality milk steaming, adjustable size of bubbles and the size of coffee grinds. It doesn’t require permanent lubrication of mechanisms as in the budgetary coffee makers.

  4. Coffee brews! all famous drinks cappuccino, latte, espresso, americano are obtained with a bang! Easy to use and after the first start we have a large information display in Russian, all the main drinks are available in quick access mode. You can customize the drink for yourself, adjust the volume of water, strength, large scale, you can choose for themselves. It is very convenient to do the cleaning. You just need to throw a pill. The machine itself knows what to do, by the way, if you do not need to clean it from the scale with a water filter. For my money, the car cooks to taste a great coffee that I now drink every day, I am proud of the purchase and the choice made.

  5. Nobody has anything like it from other manufacturers for more than six months, excellent espresso and a perfect cappuccino for their money, they bribed the price and appearance, they like the whole family a lot, they have to throw a pill around the washing and cleaning, the rest , and there are no these glasses with milk that need to be disassembled and cleaned and which constantly bring an incomprehensible smell into your cappuccino, I don’t understand what’s complicated, don’t get anything and climb, after purchase I recommend making the grinder bigger, so the coffee is more saturated on My opinion. After Delonghi and Phillips who need to be constantly disassembled and do something, Jura E6, in my opinion, is an ideal in its price. They gave the same to the boss at work, after reading about the company and trying it on himself personally, I advise everyone!

  6. Pros:
    Excellent result Excellent quality

    Not found

    My time has come to share the joy of using this car a year later. Sellers said they say good reviews do not write, but no. Sensitive in adjustments, and as a result in any setting is always a different coffee. Cream, foam, color – everything is like in a restaurant. At first they said yes why it is you, they say on the tablets and the service will go broke. I look at my friends who have a different model, phaaa, this is where sadness and sadness in the eyes of the money spent, have already rolled into the service for grease for the brewing unit a couple of times, I buy all the tablets like MV Lavazz, and always have it, well done , no trip to the service. At the moment, more than 1400 servings have cooked over the counter, the flight is normal!!

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