Saeco HD8927/47 PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine reviews

Kate Rein

  • the cappuccinator mechanism is fully (!) collapsible (!), which makes it possible to comfortably remove milk residues. Flushing still does not do it completely, but in a family where there are small children, forgetting to wash is a bold affair. Through time my parts cappuccinator in the PMM in the spoon compartment
  • manually set the temperature of the drink. By default, ‘medium’, the cappuccino is almost boiling, I do not know who is barely warm, but we never put the hottest.
  • the foam turns out to be a thick, dense cap that lasts a very long time

  • both at the beginning of the program of a drink with milk foam, and when washing a cappuccinator some water is poured into milk
  • there is no indication how many ml of the drink is programmed
  • the washing of the cappuccinator had to be done by a separate button, and not by the strength of the drink, which is set less often
  • if during the execution of the program the water has run out, the program is interrupted, and the grinding is reset (sorry!)
  • hell of the perfectionist: brand panel (silver) and the platform for cups \\ _ (‘-‘) _ / is terribly scratched
  • any spare parts (both to the car and to the cappuccino machine) cost unreasonable money


– Incredibly delicious coffee !!! Previously, it was possible to come to any cafe and order a cappuccino, and now we drink coffee only at home – I don’t know plus or minus 🙂 that’s amazing, but it is.

– It really pours a lot of water, but from it there is no unpleasant stale smell. I do not mind changing the pallet once again.

– From milk of the same fat content a different amount of foam is obtained, sometimes it is a big setup, maybe overflows occur, most often caused by a cappuccinator not completely washed out (not by software, but manually), because there is not enough washing of the equipment 100% 3-4 days cappuccinator must be washed completely

– if a family drinks cappuccino with a different type of milk, another cappuccinator jug ​​stands like a wing from an airplane, or stand and hold the “cappuccinator head and its“ tail ”in the cup with the desired type of milk

Nick Williams

  • Design
  • functionality
  • ease to use

  • Only price


The coffee machine is wonderful. Satisfied with the purchase. Although of course expensive. The design is great. Small in size. In the management is easy. Each step is recorded on the display, so that no one will have any difficulties. Coffee brews very tasty. Several species. Our family is cappuccino lovers. And here everything is fine. Immediately set up the right amount of milk and coffee for our cups. The machine remembers everything. Milk foam is very thick, which even at the bottom then remains a thick layer. When foaming, nothing spills anywhere, as it was written in some comments. This moment was embarrassing before buying. All the same, the price is not small on the car. So I write for those who are still determined: do not be afraid, everything is fine.
In general, I highly recommend to buy!

Andy Glenn

  • preparation of the main varieties of coffee, the ability to prepare coffee from pre-ground, the ability to customize existing profiles, the most easy to operate and maintain, ceramic millstones, disassembled cappuccinator (easy to clean)

  • Not found.


Excellent price / quality selection
Bought a coffee machine home.
The tasks are simple – the ability to prepare both grain and ground coffee, and that the cappuccinator would be ‘on board’ (like latte and cappuccino). The staff of the Philips online store responded very responsively to all questions! (I still recommend to all my friends).
Convenient intuitive interface (except for 1 nuance, quick cleaning for the cappuccinator was still hidden far away – this is the only thing the spouse did not find right away, but the machine itself suggests making quick cleaning after preparing each portion of the drink using milk).
Cappuccinator is good, thick foam, often in coffee machines.
Coffee turns out very tasty, stopped drinking instant 🙂

Yuri Greece

  • Very Delicious Coffee

  • Did not found


Very good machine, before the choice approached thoroughly. For a long time I looked after a new coffee machine, probably 2 years. Prior to that, he used the capsule and De Lonji with a manual cappuccinator. I must say, a lover of Cappuccino. The choice fell on her after friends tried the coffee from this machine, I liked it. After the advice of his wife went to buy. Time 3 they tried to transplant us to other models, postponed the purchase for this day, came home and wool the Internet. In the end, I made an online order and took it, without a seller. I use about 2 months, I do not regret. I really liked their cappuccino system, the foam just disappeared. Council before you buy any car, stupidly try, if possible, of course.

Jenn Reeves

  • Very good and quality product


Excellent design of the coffee machine, controls are simple and intuitive, you can understand logically even without instructions.
Also important when choosing was having an automatic cappuccinator with a convenient milk jug (a big plus over competitors)
And of course the design and compactness of this coffee machine is up to the mark!

Ron Graves

  • decent taste of brewed coffee., ease of use and maintenance


Coffee machine has all the necessary features and capabilities. Conveniently arranged, informative and practical. The taste of coffee is decent.
Good and modern coffee machine, fully justifies its purpose. It has a full set of necessary functions and features. Ergonomically arranged and quite informative. The design fits into any kitchen. The taste of the coffee is quite satisfactory.

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