DeLonghi EC702 15-bar-pump Espresso Maker Review

I have had a Delonghi EC 700 coffee machine for more than seven years; at one time it was one of the best on the store shelf and, in general, I am not disappointed with the purchase. Although it is clear that coffee machines do not have to cost so much, this is just a way to make coffee!

Design DeLonghi EC702

Of course, there is a lot of manual work here – pour water, fill in ground coffee, wash the filter, cooler when the machine does it all automatically, but such options are more expensive.


Coffee machine Delonghi EC 700 with coffee holder.

The package of features and amenities includes :

  • device for beating foam in coffee, built into the filter;
  • a cappuccinator – a tap for the supply of steam, which can beat the milk;
  • cup warmer;
  • measuring spoon and pestle for coffee tamping;
  • bath for collecting drops.

Everything useful, except the platform for warming the cups, I personally use it extremely rarely – it heats up for a long time.


Externally, the coffee machine is compact, there are no protruding parts, it is easy to carry and remove.
The control unit is push-button, for me, there is nothing better and clearer than buttons – no problem, if you need to quickly turn it off, switch it. How to make coffee is clear even without instructions, all three buttons and two taps.
Stainless steel and plastic of good quality, easily cleaned from drops, dust, fingerprints.

How to use

It is convenient to use, but as already noted, a lot of manual work. Maybe this is a plus – each stage is understandable and under control, nothing breaks, no errors and no checks, no coffee just brewed, if something goes wrong.

Fill the water, turn on the network and for warming up – the warning light is on, that everything is OK, the process is on. I usually warm for a short time, a couple of minutes.
As the light bulb caught fire that the machine is warm, we pour the coffee into the filter, tamper it and put it in the holder and fix the holder in the coffee machine. Here you have to make an effort.

Substitute cups and choose the type of coffee you want:

ᐅ ristretto or espresso (up to 30 grams);

ᐅ Viennese coffee, cappuccino, macchiatto, corretto, irish, con panna;

ᐅ the usual option (office).

Cleaning and care

Cleaning for me is the most unloved.

Cleaning DeLonghi EC702

First of all, after each serving of coffee, it is necessary to clean the filter, shake out residues from it. There is a special clip on the holder to hold the filter and, turning it upside down, throw out the hot mass, but in reality nothing is shaken out, you have to help with your finger.

Secondly, although the manufacturer does not ask for this, I still spin everything on the filter, wash it, wipe it with a napkin, so that it is guaranteed clean and dry.

Tray for collecting drops just take out and rinse with water.

Every 200 cups, the manufacturer recommends to clean the filter mesh and boiler in a place where steam is supplied. The problem is to unscrew the uncomfortable bolt at the upper grid, then for a long time with a needle to clean the holes. You can simply drive away the water, not falling asleep coffee, perfectly washes out all residues.

Breakdowns and problems

For seven years of constant use of breakdowns and problems did not arise, but I always clearly control the water level, disconnect from the network, regularly cleaned of coffee residues.

Pros and cons of this model

In short, for me, the coffee machine has its pros and cons, moments that I pay attention to.

8 Total Score
DeLonghi EC702 – Great coffee machine for home!

  • you yourself dispense the amount of coffee in the cup, nothing is programmed;
  • coffee can be brewed of any type - espresso, cappuccino, latte, and so on, just stand by and add milk when necessary;
  • regular coffee is obtained with a beautiful dense foam;
  • compact size and minimum fixtures:
  • convenient to pour water.
  • it’s good to brew coffee in one or two cups, three or four is already a long process (add water, clean the filter, pour coffee)
  • for some strange reason, two nozzles often run coffee at different speeds, so you have to juggle cups, change their places;
  • a lot of messing around with cleaning.
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Features of use

The coffee maker is very simple to use, understandable and uncomplicated, but there are a couple of things you should know about:

Capricious to grind coffee

Even if a coffee machine of this type (with a filter holder) is indicated among the cooking options on the package, this still does not guarantee anything. Coffee can easily fail – not brewed, just a light brown liquid flows out.

If you take coffee beans and grind on your own, then it is impossible to find a middle ground, for 7 years I did not succeed. If the grinding is too coarse, with large particles, then the coffee will be light and liquid. When grinding in the east (very fine, like powder or dust), the water passes badly through the filter, slowly and unevenly drips into the cup, the coffee machine hums, then dry clumps of coffee are visible in the filter. Ideal if ground coffee in the form of small balls, crumbly.


The manufacturer recommends heating the coffee machine for at least 15 minutes before use, and the filter holder must be inserted.

When everything is warm, I take out the filter in order to pour the coffee – there are water droplets, I have to wipe it first, so I warm it without a holder. And personally, I am inconvenient for a long warming up, I don’t want to wait 15-20 minutes for a cup of coffee.

Despite all the shortcomings, this is an excellent coffee machine for the house, which makes really delicious coffee! I give her eight points out of ten!

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