Which electric milk frother is better to buy for cappuccino? Their types, rating and top of the best milk frothers!

The most important thought at the beginning is to cut off comments in the style of “I’m not beating anything up”: the result of beating greatly depends on milk! Absolutely not everyone will be whipped into a dense, fine, resistant foam, even in the best beater. In my experience, milk from these producers is better whipped.

I decided to expand the topic about milk beaters, they are foaming agents, they are also aerochinos, they are electric cappuccinators, they are also glasses for whisking milk, which I already touched on in the material on choosing a cappuccino coffee machine . I will explain. more objectively, which milk frother it is better to buy and why. Just read my own top of the best milk frothers!

First, I repeat the theory briefly. In general, a standalone milk frother is a fairly simple device. They are all made of approximately one pattern. Yes, there is a division into a couple of groups, but the general principle is one: they heat and mechanically beat the milk. Or do not heat and whip, or heat and not whip. In any case, for this they all have a fitted incandescent spring and a nimbus in the form of several plastic rays.

The first key division into classes of electric cappuccinators is the presence or absence of a milk tank.

1. Cheapest frothers – without milk container

They are a manual electro-bucket: a handle, usually rubberized for a more reliable grip, from which a long sting with a spring-whisk at the end protrudes. Inside the little motor that rotates the whisk. In stores, they are sometimes called mini-mixers for milk.

Power is supplied from batteries, usually, it is 2 AA. The plus is that there is no interfering wire, yes.

The best models of handheld milk frothers include the following:

PowerLix Electric Handheld Milk Frother

PowerLix Milk Frother

One of the best handheld milk frothers on the market. Its advantages include:
➥ Low weight
➥ High-quality milk whipping
➥ Easy cleaning

Bonsenkitchen Electric Handheld Milk Frother

Bonsenkitchen Electric Handheld Milk Frother

Another fairly high-quality manual milk frother. Its advantages include:
▶ Easy operation.
▶ Ergonomic design.
▶ Easy to clean.

2. A more qualitative and expensive class of milk frothers – beaters with a milk tank

I advise you to go straight to the process of considering the purchase of a milk frother for cappuccino and other dairy drinks to this class, bypassing the previous “toys.”

Foam blower with capacity and heated milk is also called Aeroczino, by the specific name of such a device from the company Nespresso – Nespresso Aeroccino. Such electric blowing agents are included in the Nespresso coffee machine kit (for example, Delonghi EN85).

Milk frothers with a capacity represent something like a teapot where milk is poured, and inside the bowl there is a mechanical whisk with a spring. This mechanical whisk is set in motion, thereby beating up the contents. Under the bottom of the tank is a hidden disk heating element.

Usually, the main module is installed on a circular stand, to which power is supplied. It turns out that it can be removed without a cord. The design is the same as that of ordinary kettles for boiling water.

The advantages of such cappuccinators are obvious: they filled in milk, chose the mode of operation (usually with one push) and went away, the device will do the rest and stop itself. Work very effectively. Usually all such devices have 3 modes:

  1. Milk foaming and heating. The same mode can be used to make hot chocolate or cocoa!
  2. Heating milk and other liquids. For lovers of latte and other drinks without milk foam.
  3. Whipping milk without heating. For cold milkshakes and the like. Pay attention to whipping cold milk is always worse!

Frothers with a milk tank have a key separation: magnetic drive or mechanical

Yes, all aerochinos are divided into two subspecies: with a magnetic halo and with a conventional one, which is driven by a mechanical shaft. Definitely better first, magnetic. They have several advantages at once:

  • Work quieter.
  • It is more convenient to clean , since the inside of the bowl is cast, without protrusions and gaps, while the drive shaft sticks out from the bottom of the center and makes it difficult to wipe the container.
  • More reliable. In the sense that all these cappuccinators are made in China. And I have come across reviews when laying a shaft inside the case of siphil drive models is one of the most frequent reasons for the failure of such equipment.

I believe that it is necessary to take a magnetic, if you think also, then squander below. But because mechanically driven models are cheaper, I will start with them.

2.1. Milk frothers with internal capacity and mechanically driven halo

Oursson MF2005, Kitfort KT-709, First FA-5440

Oursson MF2005

The whole trinity of essence is the same eggs, view from different sides. There are other clones of this type. The capacity of First 5440 and Oursson MF-2005 is 200 ml for heating and 100 ml for foaming, which is not enough. In Kitfort CT-709 – 300 and 150 ml, respectively. Power all 450 watts. Oursson is notable for 5 different colors, for any kitchen interior. Efficiency is average, quality too.

Gastrorag DK-003, Gretti MF-11, Hurakan HKN-MF115

Gastrorag DK-003

More solid looking foam with a steel case, on which fingerprints and other dirt are really good. The volume of 240 ml for heating and 120 ml for foaming, the power of 500 watts. The normal option for the price / quality in this class. Prices for these blowing agents.

2.2. The best, in my opinion, milk beaters – with a magnetic corolla drive

Delonghi Distinta EMFI – reference from Delonghi.

Delonghi Distinta EMFI

High-quality design and materials, matte steel case, on which no pollution is noticeable, stylish appearance, different colors for every taste (I know, at least, black EMFI.BK, white EMFI.W, bronze EMFI.BZ and copper-colored EMFI.CP). Capacity 280 ml for heating and 140 ml for foaming, power 500 watts.

Delonghi EMF2 Alicia

Delonghi EMF2 Alicia

Everything is the same in a plastic case in black or white, but cheaper.

CASO Fomini Jet

CASO Fomini Jet

Very successful form factor, as for me. Previously, in this case there were many clones, for example, Vitek VT-5000 or Oursson MF 2500, but now only Caso is on sale, apparently. Capacity 250 ml for heating and 130 ml for foaming, power 500 watts.

Clatronic MS 3654

Clatronic MS 3654

As for me, a good, roomy magnetic actuator. He has real strengths – the capacity is up to 700 ml of heated and 350 ml of beaten milk. Power 650 watts. Worthy quality of performance and materials. Not all the unit with the motor is removed from it, but only the bowl – this is convenient, it means that it can be washed even in the dishwasher, without fear of damaging the electronic filling, the real trump card.

And finally… Drum roll! Best in my opinion milk frother by price / quality:

Melitta cremio

Melitta cremio

There are two versions of Cremio and Cremio II. The essence and principle, excellent quality of materials and excellent final results are similar. Differences in size: the first holds up to 400 ml of milk for heating and 200 ml for whipping, the second version is 250 and 130 ml, respectively. The first is more powerful – 600 watts, the second – 450 watts. And most importantly, the first Cremio has as many as three nozzles for hot milk, cappuccino and latte macchiato – affects the height of the milk froth.

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