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De’Longhi Nespresso EN 80 B Inissia review

If you are a fan of espresso and if you can’t imagine your morning without a cup of this flavored bracing drink but have no will to waste a lot of time on making it, this smart and stylish coffee maker will become your best friend.
All because this capsule coffee machine brews amazing espresso with just one push of a button! And that is not an exaggeration. The process is fully automatized and you don’t have to worry about a thing. You simply need to pop in a capsule, press the button and while the machine prepares coffee, you can take a shower or do other things.

Key features of the DeLonghi Nespresso EN 80

Coffee machine De'Longhi Nespresso EN 80
De’Longhi Nespresso EN 80 Black

Thanks to the improved thermo block, it takes only 25 seconds for heating up and you get your cup of drink in under a minute.

This model is equipped with the powerful heating element that generates 19 bars of pump pressure, thereby helping to extract maximum taste and aroma and make ideal espresso.

There is also the Flow Stop function. It means that you may simply hold the button to program the amount of water you want and the machine will automatically stop to brew the coffee at the desired level. Moreover, all the settings will be remembered for future brews.

One more useful feature is Auto Off. The machine turns off after 9 minutes from its last use, helping to save the electricity.


Delonghi Inissia EN 80 B works with Nespresso capsules. By the way, when buying, it comes with a welcome set of different flavors (up to 17), so you can experiment till you find your favorite one.

That is what concerns branded capsules. You can also use capsules by other brands, which are comparatively cheaper but have no significant difference in taste.

Used capsules are collected in a small container, which is designed for 10 pieces and can be emptied only once a week. It makes cleaning of the machine is pretty hassle free.

Size and design

De'Longhi Nespresso EN 80 B Inissia coffee machine

Being so compact and lightweight, the Inissia will easily find its place even in small kitchens. And its simple and contemporary design with large variety of colors (black, grey, light- and navy-blue, beige, yellow and even bright-orange) allows you to choose the one that will optimally match your interior.


In our review of De’Longhi Nespresso EN 80 B Inissia I also need to say about cons. This coffee machine is specialized only on espresso and cannot make other kinds of coffee drinks. Also it needs to be mentioned that there is no possibility of supplying hot water, so you cannot use the machine for making other drinks like tea and cocoa. But on the other hand, the machine is a professional in its field and keeps up with high-end coffee makers, being at the same time quite budget-friendly variant.

Water tank capacity is 0,8 liter, which is enough for several portions of the drink. It will suffice for a small family, but if you are looking for a coffee maker for the office, it is not the best variant, especially taking into account that the machine is only making one cup of coffee at a time.

The manual attached is not very detailed. But you can always find more instructions and a lot of reviews on De’Longhi Nespresso EN 80 B Inissia in the Internet.

Similar models

If you are also a fan of milk drinks and not ready to settle for only espresso, you should pay attention to special modifications of the described model: Delonghi EN 80 BAE & Delonghi EN 80 CWAE. These two models are completed with milk frother – Aeroccino. Of course they are more expensive, but you will be able to make such drinks as latte, cappuccino and others.


De'Longhi Nespresso EN 80 B Inissia

De’Longhi Nespresso EN 80 B Inissia will become a personal barista for those who appreciate their time and money. It is pretty simple and affordable machine for home, which will please you with perfect espresso every morning.
Have you got this model? Leave a comment and share your impressions about your Inissia EN 80 B. Help those who only make their choice!

  1. I use EN 80 for about two years. I drink coffee once a couple of days and I’m completely satisfied with this machine. But recently the desire to taste good cappuccino appeared. Is it possible to buy Aeroccino, which is in modification with CWAE/BAE separately?

  2. We bought this machine last summer and I’m simply delighted with it. It brews coffee very cool. Moreover, it is very easy in using: you don’t have to learn the manual for 3 days to understand the system. 2 buttons and that’s all! You get very aromatic and delicious coffee in one minute. For me as for big coffeeholic this coffee machine became an ideal device.

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