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Philips Series 2100 Easy Cappuccino review

Not all coffee makers prepare every type of coffee. Many households rely on coffee machines which are totally automatic and produce delicious, wonderfully tasting beverages at the beginning of every day with a single push of a button.

If you are crazy about milky coffees, such as cappuccinos or lattes, Philips HD8654 Series 2100 Easy Cappuccino, which is an automatic coffee machine with a milk-frothing accessory, will suit you perfectly! You may wonder if it is worth buying. Well, I may convince you that the following coffee machine review Philips Series 2100 Easy Cappuccino is here to help you with making the right decision.

So, the basic technical characteristics are the following: it has the removable brew group, 15-bar pump, 1400W heater boiler, ceramic grinder with 5 degrees of grinding, 180 gr. bean compartment, 1-liter water tank, which is enough for brewing 3 cups of coffee and coffee grounds container.

Now I should pay attention to its main functions and major advantages as well:

  1. Brewing milk-based beverages is the main feature and the main advantage as well.
  2. Separate milk-frothing. This feature is definitely convenient, especially when you have children, who absolutely adore milk with creamy texture and lots of bubbles, and it’s out of the question those children who are not very much into drinking milky beverages will love it.
  3. Coffee volume. Philips HD8654 Series 2100 Easy Cappuccino allows you to choose the amount of coffee that you will get. And that is quite an advantage, that means that you can choose as much big cup as you want.
  4. This automatic coffee machine produces the freshest coffee as the whole beans are grinded. It is fully-automated and definitely smart, as it can remember the type of drink you have regularly, that means you simply are to push one or two buttons to have your coffee ready. You can choose the strength (there are two degrees actually), the amount of coffee, there are 2 degrees, and the temperature.

And of course, you want your coffee machine to serve you for a long period of time and to make the absolutely best coffee. So, you simply must take care of it by cleaning it on time. That doesn’t mean that you need to clean it after each time you use it. Once a week will be fine. So here are the most important things you should know about cleaning your coffee machine:

  1. Cleaning the automatic milk frother (daily). Place a cup under the automatic milk frother, insert suction tube into a jug filled with fresh water, turn control dial to steam/milk clean icon, allow water to pass through for 5 seconds.
  2. Cleaning the brew group(weekly). Philips HD8654 Series 2100 Easy Cappuccino on our review uses a removable brew group which can be taken out for cleaning. Rinse it with hot water but don’t use soap., as the brew group has grease on it needed for smooth working, if you use a soap it is can remove this. You have to reapply the greasing when you are not to see any signs of it.
  3. Greasing the brew group (every 300 coffees).
  4. The drip tray (where the spent grounds go) simply need to be emptied and washed with soapy water to keep them from overflowing and growing mould on you.
  5. A periodic wash of the water tank is also beneficial.

Using these few key tips you may be confident that your machine is brewing the best coffee it can. If the brew is still not completely satisfying, it is high time to experiment with different coffee beans, to ensure they are fresh and suited for the different styles of brewing.


Philips Series 2100 Easy Cappuccino machine

At the end of my review, I want to answer the question: Is Philips Series 2100 Easy Cappuccino coffee machine worth buying? First it is necessary to understand at what price it will be sold. From the review on the coffee machine Philips Series 2100 Easy Cappuccino we may conclude that it’s rather inexpensive coffee maker with promising features.

So, it has all the chances to get into a 2018 top-rate of the cheapest coffee makers with the best quality.

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  1. Hello! We have bought this coffee machine about a month ago, right after reading your review. And we are absolutely satisfied. A fresh cup of wonderfully smelling and undoubtfully delicious coffee is ready with a single click of a button. And the price for all the functions is obviously reasonable. It’s easy to use and maintain. The amount of water in the water tank is enough to brew 2 or 3 cups of coffee, and it’s an advantage too, as water is always fresh. Everyone in my family have got to like the cappuccino now. I also use the milk frother to prepare milk with spices and honey to fight of the sympthoms of cold. I’m realy very gratefull to the author for his work. I definitely recommend this model.

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